An educational photo-book of black and white, and one color photograph that
captures the morbid, the fright, the pain, and the hope that unravels in auto
accidents and may be disturbing to some. The photographs depict what could
occur while driving intoxicated - this can easily be the same results while
driving and texting.


We are no longer living in a society where our children are buying alcohol
from liquor stores or drugs from a corner dealer, but one where we as parents
are providing the intoxicants from our own home bar and bathroom medicine
cabinet. Every parent's nightmare of the knock at the door by a police officer
to inform them that their child was killed in an auto accident was the driving
force behind this graphic and sobering book - to "scare straight" the


Alcohol related or mobile phone related accidents occur all too often; it is
this books intent to educate the public on the disastrous consequences of
driving under the influence or inattentiveness. It is not for entertainment,
but for educational purposes.


Lawrance M. Smith was the forensic photographer for
over a decade photographing auto accidents in San Joaquin County,
for the Stockton and Tracy area California Highway Patrol offices. Covering one
of the largest areas of roadways and highways in the valley, he shot on average
one accident a day and every third accident being a fatality. This gave Smith
an extensive collection of photographs. Smith wanted to use his work to educate
young people of the realities of driving recklessly, often while intoxicated or
texting. CODE 1144 is a book that graphically demonstrates with visual context
of the horrors and consequences of driving impaired and can be used as a teaching
aid, or as specifically written, for parents and teens, Smith said.


Read more about the photographer in the book CODE 1144 Coroner En Route.



CODE 1144: Coroner En Route



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ISBN: 978-1-4568-3501-9

Copyright 2011

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